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Views from the Frontline 2011 - Country Report Viet Nam

15 July 2011

DWF has implemented the survey Views from the Frontline 2011, to evaluate the local governance for disaster risk reduction in Viet Nam.

The final report is available here.

Main conclusion : there is a gap from official evaluation to reality at local level, and the lack of financial resources is considered as the main obstacle for an efficient implementation of the DRR policy.

Statement of GNDRR after the UN ISDR Global Platform for DRR - Geneva May 2011

15 July 2011

After the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction and the poor result or committment from the international community, the Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for DRR has issued a Statement to voice for a more substantial support to DRR at local level.

This statement will be evaluated in the next years to see the progress for DRR.

Statement from GN DRR

Impact study on developing local capacity to reduce vulnerability and poverty in Central Viet Nam

23 June 2011

This report presents findings of a study commissioned in 2010 by Development Workshop France (DWF) with support from the Building and Social Housing Foundation (UK) to assess the impact of the DWF project in Vietnam to promote the prevention of typhoon1 damage to housing and public building since 2000.

DW starts new post floods recovery project in Burkina Faso with EU support

22 June 2011

After the major floods in central Burkina Faso in 2010 that hit families in Samnatenga, Namentenga and Gnagna provinces, the EU is supporting a new LRRD project  to rebuild families lives with a collaboration of four NGO: Christian Aid, Intermon Oxfam, Action Contre la Faim and Development Workshop.

For DW this means support and training for activity regeneration in woodless construction and pottery for flood hit familie to help rebuild thier lives over two years.