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Rebuilding typhoons Wutip & Nari affected communities in Central Vietnam

1 April 2014

The ECHO funded project (300 000 €) has been approved, and will start for implementation from April to September 2014 in 3 Provinces (15 Communes in Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue). Project will support 800 families to rebuild/strengthen/reinforce their house damaged last year to become resilient to natural disasters. Project will also develop a safe construction information campaign in the target areas.

Budget tracking survey - Financing Disaster Risk Reduction at local levels in Viet Nam

6 August 2013

This study is part of JANI (Joint Advocacy Network Initiative 2012-2013) project, funded by ECHO.

The history and civilisation of Vietnam stretch back to ancient times, but the country also has a long history of natural disasters. Water has always brought prosperity, enabling rice farming in irrigated fields, but it has also caused destruction and poverty as a result of repeated flooding. Settlements on the country's long coast-line have exploited sea products (including nước mắm or fermented fish sauce in brine) and seized opportunities for trade, but they have equally been in the path of

Reconstruction Programme in Mekong Delta, after 2011 flooding

7 Septemeber 2012

DWF, as technical partner, and based on the lessons of earlier DWF/RC collaboration, has just completed a reconstruction programme, funded by IFRC and implemented by the Vietnamese Red Cross, in 3 Provinces of Mekong Delta, with support to 189 families to rebuild their house. Cash grants from 35 to 45 Millions VN Dongs (1 650 to 2 250 US$) - technical design and standards for safe housing by DWF. In this first phase the construction of each house, by families and their own hired builders, has been completed in September.

Massive participation of women potters in the DW Burkina Programme

12 June 2012

As the 2012 dry season ends in Burkina Faso, the enthusiasm of women potters for the DWF action to provide them with fuel efficient kilns and training in better production methods has spiralled.

5 500 women in three main programmes operated by DW in the centre and north of Burkina Faso are enrolled and progressively get access to training and kilns, although DW needs more suport to build additional kilns.  

As well as major European Union support, the Raja Foundation in France supports this programme.

Women potters praised by High Commissionner in Burkina Faso

21 March 2012

On the occasion of International Women's day, the High Commissionner for the Province of Seno, Burkina Faso, has congratulated women potters in Seytenga commune, who were assisted by Development Workshop women trainers to fire up their new kiln for the first time. DW builds kilns for women potters throughout the centre and north of Burkina Faso, achieving huge savings in fuel and greatly improved quality of the ceramic products the women can now make and sell. See