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Survey Perception of risks in Can Tho

21 November 2011

The survey  has been introduced today to Can Tho People's Committee, during the closing session of the¨project Urban resilience - Phase 1, organised by World Bank & Royal Haskoning Company.

The survey has shown that the level of risks in Can Tho is low, and that the coping capacity of the population is well adapted to the situation.

Innovation • Sustainability • Transfer / 25 years of the World Habitat Awards

3 October 2011

Showcasing innovative and sustainable housing solutions from around the world as BSHF celebrates the 25th anniversary of the World Habitat Awards.


Remarkable economic, social, political and climatic changes have taken place in the twenty-five years since the World Habitat Awards were established. Rapid urbanisation, an increasing and ageing population, climate change and globalisation have emerged as major forces affecting how and where people live.

Many of the innovations identified through the Awards over the last quarter century are a response to these challenges, which have been faced

Beyond Shelter - Architecture and human dignity

30 August 2011 - 22 September 2011

Architecture and Human Dignity

Edited by Marie J. Aquilino. Published by Metropolis Books

Across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the United States, groundbreaking work is being done by small teams of outstanding professionals who are helping communities to recover from disaster and rebuild, bridging the gap that separates short-term emergency needs from long-term sustainable recovery.

Atlas of housing vulnerability and measures for safe housing in Viet Nam

23 July 2011 - 13 August 2011

The publication of the “Atlas of housing vulnerability & measures for safe housing in Vietnam” comes at a time when the National Strategy for natural disaster prevention, response and mitigation has called for the review and complement of building codes and construction plans in line with natural disaster characteristics in each region of Vietnam. The Atlas contributes to this national objective.


The Atlas goes further in its objectives, linking:

  • the regional natural disaster characteristics


  • thecharacteristics of local common contemporary housing in each region.


The contents


  • Part 1 of

Can Tho perceptions of flood risk survey, Vietnam

22 July 2011

As part of the World Bank - Building Urban Resilience project in East Asia, DW will be carrying out a surevy of flood risk perceptions in Can Tho City, southern Vietnam. 

Can Tho City is the economic capital of the Mekong Delta and the 5th city in Viet Nam, located on the one of the main branches of the Mekong River. It is subject to frequent flooding. The city is located at the confluence of the tidal part of the river and the down-river flow (Total area 1 400 km²).

With around 1 200 000 inhabitants, and a rapid urbanisation, the common perception of hazards is one of an increasing