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Climate change & natural resources

Safer houses in Vietnam

The promotion of preventive strengthening of existing houses has been the central theme of DW’s work in Central Vietnam since 1999. Whilst public decision makers were sceptical the beginning, it is an approach that today is largely accepted by families and public authorities alike. The excellent performance of many hundreds of DW strengthened buildings during the Typhoon N° 6 Xangsane in October 2006 and again in 2009 (Cyclone Ketsana) increased the reputation of the DW approach, so that the Provincial authorities issued an edict in 2006 encouraging everyone to adopt

DW has been working in West Afica since 1980 and today is also a locally registered NGO in Burkina Faso as DWBF, and has been active in Burkina Faso since 1995.

In the countries of the Sahel, DW has promoted the development of sustainable housing and human establishments based on respect for existing values and on the availability of human, material and financial resources which are fundamental to a durable approach and to good management of the natural resources of the region. Needs and the availability of resources of the countries of West Africa are changing rapidly.

Women start their new kiln, Kelbo

Helping women potters in West Africa save 90% energy and make a better living

Nearly every small dusty village in northern Burkina Faso is home to one or more small groups of female potters. These hard working women produce the ceramic water jars, the pots to store food and other objects, and the traditional tubular gutters used on flat mud roofed houses. Selling their surplus is a vital complementary source of income, bringing in much needed cash in the harsh dry season and helping stave off starvation for the family.