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DW posters "Key principles for safer construction"

DWF Typhoon damage prevention poster produce in Viet Nam 1989

Over the years poster have been used to convey messages about the key principles of safe construction for different risks.

In Viet Nam since 1989, and then in Banda Aceh, Indonesia (2005/6), in Myanmar/Burma (2008-onwards) and Haiti (2010) t .


Central Viet Nam.

DWF UNDP/UNCHS project for Typhoon resistant construction in Central Viet Nam, 1989 - 92, presenting the ten key principles of typhoon resitant construction (see Preventive strengthening & mitigation ). the text for each key point is part of a ten key points poem, and can also be sung!


Central Viet Nam poster
version 2, 

Produced in 1999 for the Viet Nam DWF Prevent Typhoon damage project.

Central Viet Nam poster version 3, in 2004.

DWF Prevent typhoon damage project, design by Simon Fraser.

12 key principles poster for earthquake resistant construction and tsunami precautions used in the Safe House project in Aceh, Indonesia  with the Indonesian and British Red Cross, 2005-2006


The adpated ten key principels for preventing cyclone damage to buildings used in Myanmar since 2008 with the Save the Children Alliance.Poster used in Myanmar

Ten key principles Poster for cyclone and earthquake resistant construction, Haiti, 2010