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Calendar 2012 - Year of the Dragon

23 January 2012 - Day 1/1

Project Safe Coasts - Safe Communities (ADRRN - Ausaid) - Viet Nam

The Views from the Frontline Journey - GNDR

15 January 2012

A number of Global Network for Disaster Reduction members have got together on Skype to create a new video - 'The Views from the Frontline Journey' - which reviews what we have achieved over the last five years and asks where we are going next. It's an exciting story of a great achievement, including contributions from members in Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, South and South East Asia and the Pacific Islands.


New kiln for women potters in Pétégoli, Soum Province, Burkina Faso



A book of photgraphs taken by Nina Adler, photographer, during her stay in the village of Pétégoli, Soum Province, Burkina Faso, in early 2011 whilst a new kiln was built for a group of women potters as part of the DW "Adaptation to Climate Change" project supported by the European Union,

The kilns allow women to economise about 80% of their fuel needs per kilogramme of ceramics produced, and they also help the women extend their range of products, including making terra cotta floor tiles, which increase their income generation.

Survey Perception of risks in Can Tho

21 November 2011

The survey  has been introduced today to Can Tho People's Committee, during the closing session of the¨project Urban resilience - Phase 1, organised by World Bank & Royal Haskoning Company.

The survey has shown that the level of risks in Can Tho is low, and that the coping capacity of the population is well adapted to the situation.