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Septembre 2011

Nature, socioeconomics and adaptation to natural disasters: new evidence from floods

22 Septembre 2011

This article's authors analyse the determinants of fatalities in 2,194 large flood events in 108 countries between 1985 and 2008 and use them as new data source to analyse the role of socioeconomic factors in determining fatalities from 'natural' disasters.

This analysis demonstrates that income is negatively associated with the frequency of floods and, conditional on their magnitude, the fatalities they cause in developing countries.

The Architecture of Disaster Recovery: A Call to Arms for Designers from the World’s Most Vulnerable Regions

22 September 2011


Urban risk assessments: an approach for understanding disaster and climate risk in cities

1 September 2011

This paper proposes a framework for carrying out urban risk assessment, and seeks to strengthen coherence and consensus in how cities can plan for natural disasters and climate change.

Farmer and “tragedy” behind golf-course projects

1 September 2011

VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Planning and Investment has submitted to the government, a golf-course development plan to 2020, under which the total number of golf courses in Vietnam will rise to 118.

The K'Ren golf course at present.


However, there is a fact that many licensed golf course projects are idle though thousands of hectares of land are revoked, while local farmers lack land for cultivation. VietNamNet’s correspondents report of this situation in several provinces.

Hiep An commune in Duc Trong district, the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong is located along the National