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Décembre 2011

Vietnam counts the cost of climate change

24 December 2011
Viet Nam News reporters Minh Thi and Quynh Anh spoke to three experts who have recently returned from the COP 17 Durban climate change talks to see how the outcome will affect Viet Nam's on-going efforts in the fight against climate change.
What are the successes of COP 17?
Dao Xuan Lai, assistant country director and head of Sustainable Development Cluster, UNDP Viet Nam
In my opinion, COP 17 marks another positive step forward thanks to the joint effort of all countries in the fight against climate change.
After two weeks of tense negotiations and several all-nighters, more than 190

Investing in people or building more stuff: which is better for reducing disaster risks?

14 December 2011

This is a guest post from Chris Anderson, Oxfam’s global adviser on disaster risk reduction

While the global humanitarian response system is more effective and sophisticated than ever before, in its current form it’s being outstripped by the pace of increasing risks.

The answer is Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), which makes great financial sense if done well. But what does ‘well’ mean and why does risk reduction receive so little investment. According to the Global Humanitarian Assistance report 2011, for every US$100 spent on official humanitarian assistance in the World’s top 20