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Cyclones & typhoons

Since the 1980’s DW has worked in regions affected by tropical cyclones (Bangladesh, Myanmar/Burma, Viet Nam and Haiti). Tropical cyclones are also known as Hurricanes in the eastern Pacific and Atlantic oceans and the Caribbean, and as Typhoons in the northwest Pacific. These cyclones begin out in the ocean and can bring very high winds and rainfall and can be accompanied by storm surge in coastal areas, and even quite far inland, flooding.

On third of the world’s tropical cyclones begin in the Western Pacific, making this area, including Viet Nam, the most active cyclone region.

Cyclones cause major damage to housing, infrastructure and agriculture, and in many instances very considerable loss of life. A major focus of DW’s work over more than twenty years has been promote the preventive strengthening of existing and new buildings, focussed on DW work in Vietnam since 1989 and in Myanmar since 2008. After the Haiti earthquake in 2010 DW integrated its approach to cyclone resistant construction into a more comprehensive earthquake and typhoon risk reduction strategy based on generic principles of safe construction.