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Strengthening interaction between local authorities & civil society

DW supports and strengthens interactions between local authorities and civil society; whether in the context of decentralised development (Burkina Faso) or in disaster risk reduction and community empowerment to address their own needs and educe their own vulnerability (Viet Nam). Helping communities develop local skills to address emerging needs and challenges so that they can position themselves as key players in the execution of development and mitigation actions supported by local municipality authorities. Encouraging the commitment of local authorities to implement policies and decisions that make use of local skills, indigenous knowledge and resources as at least a complement to more classis top down approaches, and at best, as a mobilisation of the real potential of community capacity and understanding of local issues.

In Burkina Faso DW has been working to strengthen this partnership between community and authority for many years, and in 2008 launched a concerted programme in five provinces to formalise the strategy of local development based on local skills and resources (read more); whilst in Viet Nam DW has nurtured the development of commune local authority networks that share amongst themselves the results of community based action for disaster risk reduction and strengthen this process. (Read more)