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The Project / KNOW.4.DRR


The project “Enabling knowledge for disaster risk reduction in integration to climate change adaptation” (acronym: KNOW-4-DRR) was proposed to analyse, assess and understand how knowledge about disaster risk reduction and adaptation to climate change is actually produced, managed, and shared and ultimately made use of – or indeed not used – by scientists, practitioners, decision makers, and by educational and civil society actors.

The project is challenging in that it aims at networking between different stakeholders through a number of events and opportunities for collaboration such as workshops and seminars, and through ‘living laboratories’ that test ideas and the use of knowledge in the field.

Since its inception, it became clear to the project’s partners that the challenge requires much more than just analyzing case studies and meeting occasionally in workshops: in fact it calls for a very strong commitment to interdisciplinary work, combining activities that are typical of a “Coordination Action” to test partners’ ideas, be they well established or under discussion. This complex process of sharing and testing is necessary to meet one of the goals set for the project, i.e. the development of a knowledge management framework to facilitate and enhance knowledge production and sharing in the context of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in the future. Learn more here.