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Research on knowledge about habitat, risk & climate change & the built & natural environment

Working group on the Mexican based risk and vulnerability network

DW participates in studies and research in fields related to its work on habitat, vulnerability and environment issues.

  • Partner in the "KNOW-4-DRR" EU FP7 project between june 2013 and june 2015, exploring how knowledge on mitigation and adaptation is produced, shared, maintained, and used (or not used ) by a variety of stakeholders. It aims at identifying barriers to knowledge use and sharing as well as potential bridges among experts and professionals with different disciplinary backgrounds and different roles. The creation of tools to enhance societal capacity to learn from past successes and mistakes and update its knowledge on natural extremes and climate change potential consequences is part of the project’s effort through workshops, seminars, and living labs. To learn more, see here
  • Participantion in the Mexico / European Union supported "Risks and vulnerability network : research on social strategies of prevention and adaptation" research programme since 2010 managed by CIESAS-FONCICYT.
  • "Impact study on developing local capacity to reduce vulnerability and poverty in cental Viet Nam", reviewing ten years of DW work on disaster risk reduction in shelter. Supported by the Building and Social Housing Foundation. Downlaod the report here.
  • Studies on habitat and environment in West Africa.